The specialty of Ella in Sri Lanka and things to do

Ella sri lanka

Questions people ask about Ella

When Ella Sri Lanka says it is Lots of people reading this have heard. But most people have many questions like this.

What kind of people are in this area? What language do they speak?

How can we go to this place?

How much cost do we need to get here? Can’t we go to this area without learning the language of the people in this area?

This article will help you find the answers to all those questions. So keep on reading what this is about. And if you know more about this area or if you have any further questions, comment below.

So let’s talk about Ella Sri Lanka

Ella sri lanka

Where is Ella Sri Lanka?

This area is actually called Ella Sri Lanka because it is located on a small island called Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful and amazing island. It is located in the Indian Ocean. This is why this country is called the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.

The island, which has a very friendly population, is crowded with foreign tourists almost every day of the year. Ella is one of the most beautiful tourist spots on the island. Ella Village is one of the highest points in the country.

Something about the country

Sri Lanka’s colonial heritage, as well as that of Sinhala and Tamil culture, is a place where natural experiences can be found in abundance with a rich cultural experience.

If you really want to explore Sri Lankan cuisine and folk culture and enjoy the natural beauty of the country, hang in it.

The naturalness of the village has diminished slightly due to the increase in popularity and size. That is exactly what is happening to the whole world. Because of human activities, the world’s beautiful places are on the decline.

However, the beauty and folklore of this area are still preserved because of the people’s actions. It is really a matter of pleasure.

Needs to say, there is still much to see and do in Ella. There is much to see and do in addition to beautiful waterfalls and some of the most beautiful mountain ranges and landscapes.

Best things to do and see in Ella

The train journey to Ella

If you plan to travel to Ella, you should definitely take a train from Kandy to Ella.

It is about an 8-hour journey and if you put your head out of the train you will feel like you are going through heaven. To get such a spectacular view, the cost of the train ride is $ 5 or $ 6.

Crossing misty forests and tea plantations; here you will find beautiful waterfalls and
streams, as well as many picturesque sights of the colorful towns and enthusiasts.

This is the most beautiful train in the world according to many travelers.

Every person you meet will greet you with a genuine smile. The people on this beautiful island are so loving and friendly. The local boys’ group sings dances and plays the drums, and sometimes the foreigners join them and dance. It is a beautiful journey.

The most spectacular part of the trip is through the forests of Horton Plains National Park, from Nanu to Ella, and if you sit by the window you will see some spectacular views. If that’s the case, you’re very lucky. You can’t believe your eyes.

Watching the most spectacular scenes for you and if you want to travel comfortably you should book your train at least two days in advance.

The third class is the cheapest option, where you can sit or wait at the door. And while staying there, you need to take care of yourself.

Nine arch bridge

nine arch bridge ella

When talking about Ella, we should talk about the bridge of nine arches. You may be wondering how a bridge looked so stunning. As a place to draw tourists   The bridge of the nine arches can be seen.On the flanks of lush forest and a tea.

Plantation, the Nine Arch Bridge stands confidently in the lower valley. 

On dumb days, low clouds linger in the valley and give the whole place a mysterious and moody feeling.

The Nine Arched Bridge was built in 1921 and has no metal used in its construction and is entirely made of brick, rock, and cement. The bridge spans 91 meters by 24 feet. It should be mentioned that the bridge is located on the famous Kandy-Bandarawala (via Ella) railway line.

No money is being paid to view this. Trains continue to cross the Nine Arch Bridge at 9:30, 11:30, 15:30, 16:30, and 17:30.

The best places to see in Ella

There are many places to visit and some of the most popular places to visit. The most popular is the Tea Cultivation, right below and below the actual bridge. The train crossing the
bridge is a spectacular sight, and locals and foreigners alike look forward to
watching it.

You start off at the Ella famous railway station and follow the train line from Ella to Kandy past many beautiful waterfalls, bridges, tea plantations, households and you begin your climb to the Ella-Rock peak – ideally you will be at a Beginning at the Ella, a popular train station. But you have to remember that hiking in the daytime is difficult. You will enjoy the spectacular views at the top. You can get peasant food and many other things around this area.

The road can be a bit complicated; however, you cannot go wrong if you follow clearly marked paths. It takes about 2 hours to reach the top, so don’t forget to pack enough water and snacks for your trip. Carry as much water as possible without forgetting. This is because the intense sunshine is very likely to dry up your body.

Little adam’s peak and beauty of the island

Buddah little adam's peak

LITTLE ADAM’S PEAK is the perfect place to visit picturesque Sri Lanka if you still have the desire for sunshine. It is a mountain that is slightly steep and resembles an Adams peak.

The climb to Little Adams Peak takes about two hours from Ella, the first of the lush tea

Through here you have 360 ° view toward the udawalawe National Park over giant Ella Rock and Ella Gap.

In fact, the scene slowly becomes attractive and fascinating. Oh god, you will love this island.

On the way back to relax and pick a nice king coconut, stop off at this small wooden juice hut. We suggest waking up late in the afternoon and watch the beautiful sunset unfold; certainly, recommend walking in the middle of the day as the bright sun is gloomy.

Amazing waterfalls

Things to do in Ella are incredible.  DIYALUMA FALLS and RAVANA FALLS are the must-visit places in Ella Sri Lanka.

There is much to be said about Dayaluma Falls, the second-highest waterfall in Sri Lanka. You can travel to Diyaluma in a two-hour drive.

You have to be careful because there are no security barriers.

It should be noted that when the water level falls during the summer months there is no barrier to swimming.

In Upper Dialouma Falls, there are wide, protective pools, but take extra precautions again before diving.

Two options are proposed to reach the top of Diyaluma Falls-whether it is difficult,hard-to-follow walking from the base or to the much shorter but less common village of Poonagala.

Using a tuk-tuk for sightseeing waterfalls is much more beneficial and comfortable, and no more than 3 people can go in one tuk-tuk.

To enter the top, follow the paths to the right of the cascade and follow the paths gradually. But be advised-this trip can only be completed during the dry months and with the aid of a local guide because of the sheer volume of water. In the rainy months, this waterfall flows through the river and sprays the road and
the forest.

Ravana Falls is also a must-visit because it is also a beautiful waterfall.

Just a little beyond Ella, Ravana Falls is easy to access to the road leading towards Ella Wellawaya from the south. We recommend going with a tuk-tuk.

There is an ancient story about Ravana Falls. It is said that King Ravana had taken Princess Sita and hid in a cave in the forest behind this waterfall.

Early morning or evening visits are recommended.

In this area, there is a lot to see and do.

Languages they speak

The language spoken by the people of this area is Sinhala and Tamil and Hindu and Buddhism are their religions.

A little below the language they speak;


Me = Mama

We = Api

You = Oya

Welcome = Ayubowan

Go = Yanna

Come  = Anna

Eat = Kanna        

We’re going = Api yanwaa

Sorry = Sama wenna

Thanks = Sthuthi


You = Neenkal

Me = Naan

Welcome = Wanakkam

Thank you = Nanri

Sorry = Mannikkawum

Go = Poo

Come = Waanga / Waarungal

Eat =  Saappidungal

We’re going= Naankal pokirom

Talking about Ella can’t be stopped here. Because it’s such a big topic. But we think you have received enough information. And we hope to bring you another article about this area.

If you need more information, comment below. Stay with us and look forward to more important
articles like this one.

And the last thing you want to say is if you’re going to Ella Sri Lanka

Go and leave only footprints.

Thank you!

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