Best Reasons to Travel Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora Island

What is the Bora Bora island? What’s so special about this? Is this island really worth a visit? And What are the best reasons to travel bora bora island ? Let’s talk today about this beautiful island.

Where is the island of Bora Bora located?

Bora Bora, in the northwest of French Polynesia, is a small island in the South Pacific. Surrounded by a sandy motus and turquoise lagoon protected by a coral reef, Bora Bora Island is another tourist attraction. The island is renowned as one of the most popular luxury resorts.

Physical characteristics of Bora Bora Island

evening of the beach

There is a volcano in the center of the island. It’s called Mount Otemanu. This volcano is a dormant volcano.

However, this volcano rises to a turquoise blue lagoon at a high point of 2,385 feet (727 m). The French Polynesian Islands, in general, are blessed with a perfect image, but Mount Otemanu is first.

When talking about the Bora Bora Island, Should mention the area 30.55 km² to this beautiful island Inherited. The elevation is 727 meters and Population 2017 estimates are 10,605.

It is also the highest point in Mount Otamen. The highest elevation is 727 meters (2,385 feet) should be said that.

Why is Bora Bora famous?

Beauty of Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora, famous for its water-centric luxury resorts, is the largest international tourist destination. On the western side of the main island, opposite the main lagoon channel, is the main settlement called Vaitape.

Some people (tourists) say this is the most beautiful island in the world.

It is a popular luxury resort destination, with some guest bungalows overlooking the water and is popular for scuba diving around the island.

The amazing and beautiful island of Bora Bora is not just popular for its beauty. The island is also popular for its ancient heritage. It is also the reason for the adventurous nature of the island. If you love adventure, this island is ideal.

The special geography of Bora Bora provides the ideal location for a lifetime adventure. A magnificent mountain, known as Mt Oteman, has left the Island’s volcanic history surrounded on its reef by a large turquois lagoon and a collection of coral motus.

Is it safe to travel to Bora Bora?

Bora Bora Vacation

Even if Bora Bora is an incredibly safe place for tourists, there could be a slight risk of minor crime, so that your valuables need to be secured and concealed. Nonetheless, it’s best to hold them aside and barracudas from Bora Bora.

How long does it take to visit the beauty of Bora Bora?

You have only 3 days (three or four nights) to enjoy and enjoy the beauty of this small island.

After your luxurious holiday, you’ll probably have a week (if you can afford) to sip cocktails at your overwater bungalow.

What’s the best thing about Bora Bora Island?

Bora Bora Volcano

Do you know that there are no poisonous snakes on this island and no harm animals?

That is true. In French Polynesia, there are NO poisonous snakes or insects. You can take a good nap on the beach and there is no one to disturb your sleep.

What is the official currency of Bora Bora?

French Pacific franc (CFP) is the official currency of bora bora island.

We wish you the best of holidays in Bora Bora. Also, remember. Keep footprints only. And Comment below your opinion of bora bora and your memories with this island.

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